Floral Shirts: Yay or Nay?

Posted on by Darren Harris

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Floral patterns and shirts are only for women, right? While traditionally it is a more feminine touch to any outfit, most women would agree that men who can pull together an outfit with a floral flair actually exude confidence (it also doesn’t hurt that floral prints are very trendy these days). However, before you go out and buy tons of floral clothing it is important to first understand the basics of choosing the correct pattern.

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For most men, simplicity is best when it comes to choosing a pattern. We suggest going with a fabric that has a subtle flower print in order to make a statement without going completely overboard. The idea is to stand out and not distract with a gaudy or oversize pattern (think of a Hawaiian-style floral shirt as an example of this).




Make sure your shirt is a bit more fitted to your body, as a too big floral shirt can look a bit billowy and blouse-like. The floral pattern is fun and versatile enough for any occasion, whether it is a dinner party under a blazer or just on its own for any other classy or casual activity.



Check out these examples in the article for some different patterns and looks. Floral fabrics are NOT just for women anymore so don’t be afraid to try out some different floral patterns, just don’t be surprised at all the compliments you’ll receive!





images from clubmonaco.com and gq.com

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