Design your own shirt, your way

Shirt Style Basics

Once a fabric has been selected, the choice of collar, cuff, and button is also important in establishing the style of a shirt.

From our 15 basic collar types a shirt may acquire a casual or formal look, and may do so in a traditional or modern way. Any of the basic collar styles can be further refined to suit your specific needs and provide ideal framing for your neck and face.

Whether French Cut, Barrel Cut, or Round Cut, and whether sporting one, two, or three buttons, a shirt’s cuffs will accentuate the style established by the fabric and collar.

Attractive, high quality buttons are a must, regardless of style. For a more traditional look you may prefer buttons that integrate harmoniously with other design elements of your shirt, while for a more modern or adventurous approach you may instead prefer buttons that provide contrast and make a stronger statement, perhaps also with custom buttonhole stitching. Whatever your desired look, we have what you need. All our buttons are natural shell mother-of-pearl. They are available in a variety of traditional colors as well as exotics like purple, blue, green, and burgundy.

Naturally, all the other design elements of your shirt are equally under your control including various styles of pockets, plackets, gussets, and pleats.

Once the stylistic design is complete, there remains one final element of critical importance: quality of craftsmanship. A shirt that is made with precision, accuracy, and art in adherence to the highest standards of quality craftsmanship simply looks more distinct, cultured, and refined than other shirts of lesser quality. We take pride in our fine sewing. All our shirts are handmade based upon 20 individual body measurements to ensure a perfect fit. They are reinforced with single needle stitching, and the fabric patterns are matched precisely across the front, split yoke and sleeves. Our collars use the finest Swiss collar interlining, which is soft and comfortable, yet strong and retains shape reliably.

The final result is a shirt of distinctive style and character that is a pleasure to own and wear.