How to care for your garnment

Fabric & Garment Care


Our shirts are 100% Egyptian cotton fabric. They may be dry cleaned or machine washed on a permanent press or delicate setting. Please tumble dry only.

For shirts frequently dry cleaned, an  occasional wash in water is still recommended as it helps remove buildup of chemical residue from the dry cleaning process. This helps to rejuvenate and strengthen the cotton fibers. In addition, please inform the dry cleaners of the mother of pearl buttons if they are on your shirts.  These will need to be handled properly when ironed to increase the longevity of the buttons.

Shirt will generally shrink by 2% or less during the first wash and heavy starching is discouraged, as it will reduce the softness of the fabric.


Please dry clean your suits.  Also, make sure to always hang and never fold your jacket. And when travelling, it is best to use a suit bag to prevent any unwelcome damage to the fabric.